Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2010

€10.97 per month
hosted exchange
1 mailbox (full collaboration)
5 GB organizational disk space
500 organizational contacts
30 public folders
Ability to manage one domain
€32.92 per month
hosted exchange
5 mailboxes (full collaboration)
25 GB organizational disk space
500 organizational contacts
30 public folders
1 organizational resource mailbox
Ability to manage three domains
€115.14 per month
hosted exchange
20 mailboxes (full collaboration)
100 GB organizational disk space
1000 organizational contacts
60 public folders
2 organizational resource mailbox
Ability to manage three domains
€261.54 per month
hosted exchange
50 mailboxes (full collaboration)
250 GB organizational disk space
1500 organizational contacts
100 public folders
4 organizational resource mailbox
Ability to manage three domains

Hosted Exchange is a SaaS -modeled (Software As A Service) alternative service to Microsoft’s most common local mail server, found nowadays in almost every organization.

Hosted Exchange enables small organizations to manage their business data while avoiding the large investment that this usually involves.

In the past, thousands of dollars were needed to purchase a server, as well as the licenses for the operating system and the mail server. Today – the server has become an immediately available service requiring almost no investment, assimilation, and precious labor time, and no obligation.

The benefits of Hosted Exchange:

  • Diary sharing – a work tool that is extremely important for business activities, such as secretary/manager sharing, making it possible for the secretary to access the calendar and the schedule to coordinate, convene, and approve meetings for the manager.
  • Remote access to mail through the internet (OWA - Outlook Web Access) – making it possible for the user to access up-to-date information from any place, at any time, and from any web device, using a username and a password.
  • Organizational phone directory – containing the names and details of customers – information available and accessible to all.
  • Mail synchronization for smartphones - mail synchronization for smartphones such as iPhones and Blackberries, as well as devices based on Microsoft operating systems, automatically, any place and in real time.
  • Online backup – mail backup, and in case of malfunction the data retrieval is performed immediately and efficiently.

Hosted Exchange is administered using an advanced management interface, through which mailboxes can be opened and added as needed, mailing lists updated, as well as other options that ease and simplify work procedures and save precious time.

Minimal system requirement – Office 2003.

A “light mailbox” option is provided – a light mailbox with a 200MB size for users who do not require a managed schedule (Collaboration). The mailbox can be accessed through OWA, IMAP4, and POP3.

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