Parallels Plesk Panel 11

Tier4Hosting offers an advanced system for website management. The system has an advanced and simple to use graphicalmanagement interface that allows the user to change definitionsusing templates in a Linux- or Windows-based website storageenvironment.

The system allows for the management of dozens and hundredsof websites, starting from allocating disk space and computingresources, through creating the domains, and up to their completemanagement, including statistics and other service applications.

The management interface enables the marketer/website builder to manage a large number of sites at a low monthly cost, with Tier4Hosting being responsible for the condition and maintenance of the hardware.

The management interface includes:

  • Hosting and managing multiple internet sites on one server.
  • Performing advanced activities in websites, and tracking traffic and performance of the server’s information, resource usage, disk space utilization and more.
  • Checking the status of each customer’s account separately, monitoring
  • Managing e-mail and defining an unlimited number of simple mailboxes.
  • Managing FTP accounts, backups, folders and files, databases, and DNS records.
  • Statistics for analyzing website traffic, marketing tools, optimizations for promoting the websites in search engines, and more.
  • The main advantages of the Plesk Panel services are:

  • Automatization
    which determine resource allocation for domains and for customers, so that new The Plesk manager can create website templates and customer templates,websites can be created in a short time and new clients acquired automatically,all from a single central management interface.
  • Cost-benefit
    and to recover without requiring technical support, and allows the marketer The designated interface makes it possible to back up, restore, restart,or website builder to provide immense added value, at a low cost, to his customers. The system is flexible, and can be resized according to the user’s needs.
  • Content and centralization
    third-party programs into it, and thus solves the main problems of the webhosting The Plesk Panel package merges content, processes, and the ability to incorporate industry by using a single package.
  • Ease of use
    the management interface is suitable for beginner website developers, despite the numerous intricate features and the wide variety of options, is simple and easy to operate, and there is no need for advance technical know-how.
  • Managing the Plesk Panel

    This web-based management panel includes recovery and admin tools. Using the management panel, Plesk Panel users can easily perform many management tasks:

  • Transfer, add, and register new domains.
  • Manage DNS records for all customers.
  • Monitor traffic for each site individually.
  • Monitor the usage of processor resources, memory, and disk space.
  • Configure each website individually – also with templates.- View website traffic logs – to monitor warnings and a variety of system events.- An interface for the end-user, customizable for each user.- Server health monitoring - event alerts that are customizable according to the user’s need to control system resources.- An integrated billing system to manage billing of end-users.
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