VMware vCloud

1 Compute Unit
€180.00 per month
1 CPU/ 2.26 Ghz
50 GB SAN Storage
5 Public IP
vCloud VM License
50 GB Traffic Included
2 Compute Units
€360 per month
2 CPU / 2.26 Ghz
100 GB SAN Storage
5 Public IP
vCloud VM License
50 GB Traffic Included
3 Compute Units
€540 per month
3 CPU/ 2.26 Ghz
150 GB SAN Storage
10 Public IP
vCloud VM License
50 GB Traffic Included
Custom vCloud Director
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N+1 CPU cores
N+1 GB SAN Storage
N+1 Public IP
vCloud VM License
3000 GB Bandwidth

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Key Features and Functionality

  • Virtual Datacenters
  • Fast Provisioning
  • vCloud Networking and Security Technologies
  • Snapshot & Revert
  • Integrated vSphere Profile-Driven Storage and vSphere Storage DRS
  • vApp Catalog
  • Isolated Multi-tenant Organizations
  • Self-service Web Portal
  • VMware vCenter Single Sign-On
  • VMware vCloud API, Open Virtualization Format, and Callouts

, vmware vcloud

Tier4Hosting’s vCloud services offer an inexpensive and effective solution for companiesthat require a complex server infrastructure and powerful computing resources,without the need to purchase, store, or host servers.

The service is based on virtualization infrastructure from VMware, the leading companyin the virtualization market. This infrastructure is based on powerful Xeon 5520 serversand on especially fast Fiber Storage.

As part of the service, the customer enjoys an easy management interface for buildingand managing virtual machines, easy mounting and dismounting of machines from thecustomer’s existing infrastructure, and more.

The environment makes it possible to establish private networks that are separated fromone another in order to secure the server environment.As part of Tier4Hosting’s advancedcommunications services, the appropriate ports can be opened to the servers alone,or, alternatively, secure connections can be created using SSL VPN. The service makesit possible to create VM templates from virtual machines and to replicate them a numberof times, an operation suitable for creating advanced testing and quality assuranceenvironments,as well as backup and production - rapidly and easily.

vCloud services on the Tier4Hosting cloud enable organizations to build and manage securevirtual databases on a cloud infrastructure with safety, high performance, extensivecomputing capacity, and flexible billing options. vCloud services on the Tier4Hosting cloudprovide the customer with complete control over the IT infrastructure. The cloud servicesplatform is based on VMware vCloud, the leading in the market, and providesorganizations with a familiar and reliable working environment with shared management,performance, automation, and a strong and proven security model.

The array operates inside a data center with a Tier IV redundancy level and anISO 27001-2005 information security management system standard.

The technical support staff, available 24/7, proactively monitors and maintains allelements of the system and the network, in order to guarantee that the virtualdata-center performs optimally.

The ability to order computing resources in small quantities(1CU = 1CPU + 6GB RAM, and even smaller proportions) makes it possible topay-per-use and to increase/decrease system resources with no commitment. This is the best option for seasonal or occasional applications, short-term projectssuch as testing and development environments, “bursting” resource demands, ordisaster recovery (in which case resources are activated when the need arises).

The computing resources are connected to the Israeli and global internet backbonewith large and backed-up bandwidths in order to provide the service in a fast, continuous,and reliable manner.

Protecting safety and control over the virtual data center (vCloud) with a private customerVLAN – with policy-based user controls and a shared or dedicated firewall technologywhen the need arises. Secured and encrypted connection using VPN, whilecustomizing varying levels of access permissions for various users.

Implementing a hybrid cloud using VMWare’s vCloud Connector.

An add-on that enables the secure and smooth transfer of workloads between existingvSphere-based installs on the customer’s environment onto the Tier4Hosting cloud.

vCloud Connector simplifies the management and transfer of multiple environmentsbetween the Tier4Hosting cloud and the customer’s vSphere-based installs.

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