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3 Keywords for PROMOTION
7 Keywords for MONITORING
SEO 10
€40 per month
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10 Keywords for PROMOTION
10 Keywords for MONITORING
SEO 20
€75.91 per month
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20 Keywords for PROMOTION
20 Keywords for MONITORING
SEO 50
€183.77 per month
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50 Keywords for PROMOTION
50 Keywords for MONITORING
SEO 100
€359.55 per month
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100 Keywords for PROMOTION
100 Keywords for MONITORING

Small & Medium Businesses Solutions

SEOgenie helps small & medium website owners to promote their services and products in major internet search engines very cost effectively. It Helps you compete for unlimited top organic (non-paid -for advertising) slots in Google, Yahoo, Live, and other search engines.

Web Developers & Search Agencies Solutions

SEOgenie provide Web Developers with a robust, simple and very cost effective Tool & Platform to automatically implement SEO benchmarking and improved ranking for their clients.
The SEOgenie management tools allows for management of many different sites clusters, and implements SEO operations transparently and without any changes to content or graphic layout or software code on your website.

It will help you scale your services, reduce costs, acquire new accounts, generate new revenues, increase client retention, and differentiate yourself from your competition.

SEOgenie Technology Overview

The SEOgenie is a robust and cost effective SEO Automation & Optimization solution! SEOgenie helps website owners, website builders and SEO specialist to monitor and promote websites in major internet search engines without requiring any costly programing skills.

The SEOgenie solution seamlessly integrates 3 types of technologies;

  1. SEO Analysis: Robust online SEO analysis engine that scan your website for any error, violations, suitability of your keywords to the text of your site and advanced keyword research tools.
  2. SERP Monitoring: Continual benchmarking and generating your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) position reports of your keywords / key phrases.
  3. SEO Optimization Automation: Automatic optimization and fixing of your website SEO related violations to enable your increased ranking in major search engines.

Plug-In functionality overview

SEO Optimization Automation: Once the SEOgenie plug-in is installed on your website platform, it will automatically start to optimize and apply the needed changes to enable your increased ranking. Utilizing patent pending technology the SEOgenie Plug-In applies only "White Hat" techniques recommended by search engine providers and leading industry professionals. Whilst the Plug-in fixes many types of errors and SEO related violations, it does not fix all of them as it does not alter the structure or navigation of the website;

  1. Automatically updating keywords and inserting them in your HTML pages:
    • Description meta tag
    • Page Title tag
    • Links Title tags
    • Image Alts tags
    • Adding Keywords as footer
  2. Automatically filtering out meaningless "stop-words"
  3. Advanced support for dynamic content such as stores, forums, blogs…
  4. Page cashing to improve loading time
  5. Utilizing only "White Hat" SEO techniques.

Plug-In System Requirements

Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0/3.5/4.0 or NET Framework 1.0 & 1.1 (*)
Microsoft IIS Web Server or Apache 2 & PHP 3 and up.
Also supporting raw HTML Sites (*)

(*)Requiring special setup

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